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Tell me what hamburger you eat and i’ll tell you who you are


When hamburgers are one of the things that have brought customers across your threshold for over 50 years, you learn to match tastes and people, and you would often be able to take the order just by carefully looking at your guest.

Of course, we’re exaggerating, but we had fun compiling a list of 8 personalities, to which we matched the perfect hamburger!

The romantic (but hungry). He has a sweet but decisive soul. Like our New Orleans Burger, with Cajun sauce, based on the famous spice mix used extensively in American cuisine. Cheese, lettuce, and tomato complete the work.

The elegant. He’s hungry but doesn’t want to get too messy. So, he orders a Classic Hot Dog. But he didn’t account for Red Garter portions. Be careful, the mayonnaise is dripping!

The frugal. Just fries.

They laid back. Why take risks when I can order a Classic Cheeseburger? Pickles, after all, aren’t one of the few certainties in life?

The outsider. You recognize him because he has “I won’t find anything vegetarian” written on his face. And yet you’re wrong, my friend. There are our Veg Burgers and they’re pretty darn good too.

The eccentric. You come to eat at a steakhouse and what do you do? Order fish! Fortunately, with the Salmon Burger, we satisfy you too!

The upper class. He’s always there and of course, he wants to eat things never seen or heard of on planet earth. It is for him (and for all the other exquisite palates) that we created the President Burger: Tuscan beef burger, red radicchio, bacon, tomato, parmesan flakes, pesto mousse (take that!)

The nice braggart (or group of friends). For him, there is only one choice and it is called Burger Tower. A nice round of 1 kg of beef to climb bare-handed. Good luck.

Can’t find yourself in any of these profiles? Don’t worry, our Hamburger menu doesn’t end here…go take a look!

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