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Times change and so do social patterns and relationships.

Once upon a time, every girl’s dream was to get married.

But today there is an event that has swept away all others and has become crucial: THE BACHELORETTE PARTY!

How to organize the PERFECT bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties have become a must in our times. They represent the last day of frivolity and freedom before the big step. There are even those who decide to get married just to be able to have one!

It is up to the friends to undertake the difficult task of overseeing the organization of the evening down to the smallest details, from choosing the location to the type of evening. Making mistakes is forbidden!

The keyword is one: FUN.

The ingredients are as follows:




HANDSOME GUYS for the bride-to-be

The location can only be one: THE RED GARTER!
Maybe you didn’t know yet that every year at THE RED GARTER we successfully celebrate many bachelorette parties. This is because the spirit of the event goes perfectly with the atmosphere of the venue. You need a CRAZY place, where the energy is high, and the desire to have fun is contagious!

Free entrance allows you to extend the invitations and minimize costs. You only pay for what you consume!

It is possible to spend the entire evening in the same venue, choosing one of the many set menus of the steakhouse and thus avoiding moving from one place to another. The karaoke show will already start during dinner and continue all night long! The sparkling wine and pitchers of vodka lemon will do the rest!

For information and reservations write to, specifying the dates of interest and number of people.

Various set menus and customized offers will be proposed!

Say… I DO!

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