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The five ingredients to defeat sunday boredom


SUNDAY, which should be the most carefree day of the week, ends up being the most melancholic.

Why is that?

The reasons are many: the late hours of Saturday night, the tiredness accumulated during the week just ended, and the anxiety for the one about to start; family duties; bad weather; the desire to do something unusual but laziness that keeps us on the couch.

Here is the recipe to reverse this negative trend and turn Sunday into the most positive day of the week.


Get out of the house

Be with friends and loved ones

Eat different dishes and try new tastes

Drink in company

Enjoy the historic city center

These and more, are the reasons for the now-established success of the Red Garter’s SUPER SUNDAY BRUNCH.

Exceptionally, only on Sundays, the Red Garter opens its doors as early as 11:30 in the morning and offers a Sunday brunch that extends into the late afternoon. The dishes are authentic American traditional ones, both sweet and savory: giant pancakes with maple syrup, fresh fruit or chocolate milkshakes, hot waffles, tasty omelets, homemade burgers, and a menu still all to be discovered, at affordable prices.

Football and sports fans are also welcome.
The Red Garter has over 7 screens that broadcast live every Sunday all the home and away games of FIORENTINA, BARCELONA, the most important matches of the Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, the NFL football championship, MotoGP, FORMULA 1, and more.


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