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Tex Mex: history of a cuisine that was a railway


Tex Mex: history of a cuisine that was a Railway

Do you know the Tejanos? Noooo?

Okay, just know that we have to thank them if we can stuff ourselves with Nachos, Tacos, Quesadillas and many other Tex Mex specialties.

Yes, this people living in Texas, of ancient Spanish or Mexican descent, is the main architect of one of the most popular fusion cuisines in the world. That before being a type of cuisine was a railway line. Okay, let us explain. In 1785 the Texas-Mexican Railway was inaugurated – abbreviated as Tex Mex – the first railway line connecting Texas and Mexico. A real bridge between cultures that brought mixtures of all kinds, including culinary ones. It was in fact the train that made many Mexican products available on the American market.

Initially Tex Mex was the name of the railroad. Then they also started calling the Texans of Mexican origin that. Finally, the food too. Tex-Mex (Texan and Mexican) in fact describes a set of dishes that blend American and Mexican cuisine, giving life to completely new flavors.

The Tex – Mex cuisine is, so to speak, democratic. It treats “poor” foods (like corn) on par with “rich” ones, for example meat.

Tex – Mex dishes are based on some essential ingredients, first and foremost corn flour, typical of South America, which gives rise to tacos, nachos, burritos and tortillas, and then vegetables: peppers, chili peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, onions and beans, called chiles here.

And of course meat is never missing (livestock farming is everywhere, in those parts).

There are also many Tex-Mex sauces, more or less spicy, surely among the most common are tabasco and guacamole. Exotic fruits like avocado, pineapple and papaya are used in both sweet and savory recipes, often used to make sauces or salads to accompany meat.

Curious? You just have to take a look at our menu where you’ll find some of the most famous Tex Mex treats!

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