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KARAOKE in Barcelona


7 nights out of 7, every day of the year, from 9.30 pm until late at night.

If you don’t believe it and want to taste what Karaoke at the Red Garter is, watch our video!

Karaoke at the Red Garter Barcelona

At the center of the stage there is not only the singer on duty who engages in the interpretation of a famous song. Next to him there is a guitarist who acts as his shoulder and accompanies him with his music. The final result is therefore not a mere reproduction of the original, but a real, incredibly overwhelming show.

This is the strength of Karaoke: to know how to involve ALL, of any age or nationality, and to be able to combine many hearts under one music. At the Red Garter Karaoke is something different. Nowhere else can you hear 200 people from all over the world sing and dance on the same song.

They are unique emotions and unforgettable moments. The stage is open to everyone, to more experienced singers and to those who, despite not being particularly well suited, still want to have fun and get involved. The songs available are endless, from the timeless Italian successes to the international hits of the moment.

Live Karaoke show